Dreamwidth Image Post Bookmarklet (Proof of Concept)


2018-12-05: Created this page.

Makes a new Dreamwidth post out of the images you've just uploaded. Comments/bugs to flamebyrd@gmail.com.

Instructions for use:

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser (drag and drop to the bookmarks bar, or right click and choose to bookmark).
  2. Upload some images to the Upload Images page
  3. Wait for the images to upload, and enter any relevant title/description information. Click "Save Descriptions".
  4. Click on the bookmarklet in your browser. A new window will open, with all your images as the entry contents.

Caveat: This only takes the code that Dreamwidth generated for you, which means the images display at 100x100 pixels. Making this configurable will come in the next version of this bookmarklet. In the meantime, where it says 100x100 in the img src, you can change that to any of Dreamwidth's other options (eg. 480x480)

Caveat 2: This uses the Beta New entries page - I'm not sure what will happen if you haven't activated the beta.

DW Image Post

Drag this to your bookmarks (or right click and choose to bookmark).