AO3 Incomplete Works Userscript

Makes it more obvious when works are incomplete by styling them differently. Comments/bugs to

Not sure what a userscript is or how to install it in your browser? Check out the OpenUserJS Userscript Beginners How-To.


  • By default, fades out works on works listings, and displays the work stats (wordcount, chapters, etc) in red on single works. You can alter the styling by modifying the first two lines of the script - it takes a CSS property object (see: the jQuery css method), ie. { "property-name1": "value2", "property-name2": "value2"};. (If you do this it may also be worth also removing the @downloadURL property so that your changes aren't deleted if the script ever updates.)
  • Not yet tested in Internet Explorer. Please let me know if you have trouble!