Emoji to Image Converter


As AO3 now supports Emoji natively (hooray) and EmojiOne has migrated to a less open form, I am discontinuing support for this script (unless it becomes clear that it's providing an important public service in its current state - let me know if you use it!).


2017-11-13: Updated to EmojiOne 3.1.2

This is highly experimental! Uses EmojiOne, hosted by jsDelivr.


  1. Paste the text that contains the emoji you would like to replace into the "input" box
  2. Remove your mouse cursor from the text box
  3. Presto! Copy your HTML from the "output" box
  4. To comply with EmojiOne 3.x licensing requirements, you should include a credit on the page, eg. "Emoji icons provided free by EmojiOne".

Upcoming Features

  • Choose the dimensions of your emoji images
  • Convert :smile: type emoticon codes Completed!

Bugs? Comments? Send them to flamebyrd@gmail.com.