Show Spoilers Bookmarklet (Beta)

This bookmarklet will take any highlighted text and force the background color to be white and the foreground color to be black.

Why? Because people like to hide spoilers by making the background and foreground colours the same and request you to highlight the text to see it, but unfortunately this technique doesn't work on mobile devices.

Show Spoilers

Script source:

Please note that it loads two external scripts, both from the Rangy library on CDNJS.

Mobile Installation

The easiest way to install a bookmarklet is to synchronise it from your desktop browser to your mobile browser. But if you need to install it directly from your device:

  1. Select all of the text in the textbox above
  2. Create a new bookmark on your device (it can go anywhere - try bookmarking this page!)
  3. Edit the bookmark and paste the copied text into the URL field. It should begin with javascript:

To use on mobile devices: When on the page you wish to run the bookmarklet, open the bookmarks dialogue of your browser and tap on the bookmark you just created (mobile Safari), OR tap in the address bar and start typing the name of the bookmarklet you wish to run, then tap on it once it appears in the list.