Show Spoilers Bookmarklet (Beta)

This bookmarklet will take any highlighted text and force the background color to be white and the foreground color to be black.

Why? Because people like to hide spoilers by making the background and foreground colours the same and request you to highlight the text to see it, but unfortunately this technique doesn't work on mobile devices.

Show Spoilers

Usage Instructions:

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser. (For more information, see How to Use Bookmarklets.)
  2. On any page that hides spoiler text by making the foreground and background the same colour, select the text you wish to reveal and then activate on the bookmarklet. (See How to Use Bookmarklets for how to do this on mobile browsers.)

Script source:

Please note that it loads two external scripts, both from the Rangy library on CDNJS.