How to use Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are snippets of Javascript that run when you click on a bookmark in your browser instead of opening a new page. They can modify the page you're currently viewing to add new features or functions.

Desktop Browsers


Option 1: Enable your bookmarks toolbar (Firefox: View -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks bar; Chrome: View -> "Always Show Bookmarks Bar"), then click on the bookmarklet button and without releasing your mouse button drag it with your mouse to the bookmarks toolbar.

Option 2: Right click on the bookmarklet button and choose "add to bookmarks/favourites" from the context menu that appears.


  1. When you're on a webpage you wish you use a bookmarklet on, click the bookmark in your bookmarks menu. Note: Make sure you've selected any text to be used with the bookmarklet first.
  2. The bookmarklet will run!

Mobile Browsers


The easiest way to install a bookmarklet on a mobile browser is to synchronise it from your desktop browser to your mobile browser.

If you need to install it directly from your device:

  1. If the bookmarklet provides its source code in a textbox, select all of the text in the textbox. (If it doesn't, you'll have to try synchronising your bookmarklet from a desktop browser.)
  2. Create a new bookmark on your device (it can go anywhere - try bookmarking the bookmarklet's page!)
  3. Edit the bookmark and paste the copied text into the URL field of your new bookmark. It should begin with javascript:


When on the page you wish to run the bookmarklet:

Option 1 (Mobile Safari): Open the bookmarks dialogue of your browser via the icon and tap on the bookmark.

Options 2 (Firefox, Chrome): Tap in the address bar and start typing the name of the bookmarklet you wish to run, then tap on it once it appears in the suggestions below the address bar.