AO3 Additional Filter Tools

AO3 Additional Filters Userscript (Beta)

Adds additional filters to the AO3 filter sidebar on works listings, including creator, hits, kudos, comments and bookmarks. The search boxes function the same way as the default AO3 search. Comments/bugs to

Not sure what a userscript is or how to install it in your browser? Check out the OpenUserJS Userscript Beginners How-To.

AO3 Additional Filters Bookmarklet (Beta)

This bookmarklet does the same thing as the usercript above, only you need to manually press the bookmarklet to load the filters.

AO3 Additional Filters

Instructions for use:

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser. (For more information, see How to Use Bookmarklets.)
  2. Go to any works listing.
  3. Activate the bookmarklet. Extra filter options will appear underneath the default filters box.
  4. You will need to activate the bookmarklet again to see/edit your new filters.