AO3 Statistics CSV Bookmarklet

Instructions for use:

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser. (For more information, see How to Use Bookmarklets.)
  2. Go to your profile statistics page.
  3. Click on the bookmarklet. Your browser will download a file (or prompt you to make a decision - choose to download it). You may need to allow popups for this to work.
  4. Make sure the file ends in .csv, then open in your favourite spreadsheet program. If it asks, define , as your delimiter.

If you have a lot of works (ie. if the output is truncated), use Internet Explorer or otherwise have trouble, try the second version. Let me know if you have any issues with languages other than English.

Known issue: If works have multiple fandoms, they will appear multiple times in the spreadsheet in Fandoms view.

AO3 Stats (Download)

AO3 Stats (Manual) (for Internet Explorer and other browsers that the other version doesn't work for - copy the data into a new plain text document and save as .csv. You may need to enable popups and restart your browser before it works.)

Drag this to your bookmarks (or right click and choose to bookmark).

Note: This bookmarklet loads jQuery from Google's CDN. If you want to use your own URL, feel free to replace it.

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