Reveal AO3 Hover (Title) Text

Sometimes authors will include text in works that can only be revealed by hovering over it. Unfortunately, this doesn't work on mobile or tablet browsers. This bookmarklet identifies elements within an AO3 work that have the title="" attribute set and adds that text after it. Useful for works that provide text in other languages and ask you to hover to read a translation.

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Reveal Title Text

Usage Instructions:

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser. (For more information, see How to Use Bookmarklets.)
  2. Click the bookmarklet. The contents of any hover/title text tags will be appended after their parents.

Note: This bookmarklet loads jQuery from Google's CDN. If you want to use your own URL, feel free to replace it.

Bookmarklet created with MrColes's Bookmarklet Generator.