AO3 Read Later Buttons

Adds "mark for later" buttons to works on works listings to allow you to mark for later without opening the work. Also adds "mark as read" buttons to your "Saved for Later" page. Comments/bugs to

Not sure what a userscript is or how to install it in your browser? Check out the OpenUserJS Userscript Beginners How-To.


  • After you click the button, AO3 will reload the current page. I can't change this, so if it's problematic (eg. on a collection's random works listing), I suggest opening the "mark for later" link in a new tab.
  • The buttons on the History/Saved for Later pages only work when the Archive language is set to English. If you'd like it to work in another language, let me know and we can work together to make it happen.
  • Marking a work for later will move it to the top of your History list.
  • Not yet tested in Internet Explorer. Please let me know if you have trouble!
  • Ridiculous amounts of thanks to my beta tester for this script ♥