Dreamwidth HTML Buttons (Beta)

Adds buttons to the Dreamwidth beta update page that insert basic HTML. Comments/bugs to flamebyrd@gmail.com.



  1. Install the userscript

  2. When you load the Dreamwidth beta "Create Entry" page, you should see a row of buttons above the text content area.

  3. Click on the buttons to insert HTML text:

    [b]: Wraps <strong></strong> around the selected text

    [i]: Wraps <em></em> around the selected text

    [🔗]: Wraps <a href=""></a> around the selected text. Insert the target URL in the href attribute.

    [🖼]: Inserts <img src="" alt="" /> around the selected text. Any selected text will go inside the src attribute, so the expected use case is that you enter the URL of the image, then use the button. Please be sure to enter a description of the image in the alt attribute.

    [user]: Inserts <user name=""> into the text box. Selected text will go inside the name attribute, so you can type the user's name, then hit the button.

    [cut]: Wraps <cut text=""></cut> around the selected text. Enter the cut link text in the text attribute.

    [“]: Wraps <blockquote></blockquote> around the selected text.


I went with <strong> and <em> instead of <b> and <i> but I'm really not sure if that's the best option for Dreamwidth content. Input from screenreader users (or other people affected by the semantic difference between the two) appreciated.