AO3 (Yuletide) Taglist Filter

This bookmarklet, when clicked, adds a number of buttons to the Tag List and a checkmark next to each fandom. To use, go through the list of fandoms and check all the ones you're interested in. Then click the filter button to reduce the set to just those checked. Use the Bucket List buttons to generate the comma-separated list of fandom tags you are offering "any" characters for.

  • Note: To get rid of the buttons, you'll have to refresh the page. Sorry!
  • The "With Saving" version of the bookmarklet will save your choices so that you don't lose them when you refresh. This feature requires a modern browser.

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Yuletide Taglist Filter

Yuletide Taglist Filter (With Saving)

Usage Instructions:

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser. (For more information, see How to Use Bookmarklets.)
  2. Click the bookmarklet when viewing an exchange's tag list page and it will add buttons and checkmarks to the page.

Note: This bookmarklet should use AO3's jQuery, but if it can't find it it will load jQuery from Google's CDN.

jQuery loaded into bookmarklet using Ben Alman's jQuery Bookmarklet Generator.