AO3 Reading Estimate Bookmarklet


2016-10-20: Fixed the chapter length for when "view entire work" is set.

2016-10-19: Added a userscript to the bottom of the page.

2016-10-18: Created this page.

Provides a handy estimate for how long it will take you to read a fic. Comments/bugs to

Instructions for use:

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser.
  2. Go to any work page.
  3. Click on the bookmarklet. A modal dialogue will show with the estimated reading time.

AO3 Read Time

Drag this to your bookmarks (or right click and choose to bookmark).

Reading Time Warning Userscript

Don't be a fictim! If you'd like to trial a userscript to warn you when the projected reading time will be later than a certain time (eg. 1AM), try it out here: Reading Warning.user.js