AO3 Ebook Download Helper


10/03/2019: Fixed so that it works with the newest AO3 downloads code

30/01/2019: Updated the v2 bookmarklet so that it works on Bookmark pages too

22/09/2017: Fixed some more bugs, and added a beta version of the bookmarklet that uses the native AO3 models and trials a column design

21/09/2017: Fixed not one, but two bugs in the code, both of which should have caused it to not work at all, so I'm amazed it's worked for as long as it has. Thanks to K for reporting the bug!

06/06/2016: Should now work in IE.

30/05/2016: Some AO3 HTML changes broke the script. It should be fixed now, although it may have difficulty with Anonymous works in languages other than English.

31/08/2012: Now includes summary in Title tooltip. Added option to include tags.

My original aim was to make a bookmarklet that would automatically queue up ebook downloads for you. This doesn't do that. What this does is make a little floating window that contains the links to download the ebook versions of all works on a page (be it author, search, series, etc).

This is almost certainly extremely buggy. I had to reimplement the code that generates the download link in Javascript and it may be unreliable.

Feedback to If you encounter a link that doesn't work, please include a link to the work and to the broken URL!

AO3 Downloader New version: Uses AO3 modals and HTML5 features

Drag this to your bookmarks (or right click and choose to bookmark)