Web Keyboard Shortcuts


2018-07-27: Added beta version of Pillowfort script.

2018-07-19: Disabled "open current item in new tab" function, as it no longer worked.

2018-07-18: Created this page (having created the script several years earlier).

Adds keyboard shortcuts to navigate up and down various web services, including: Archive of Our Own works listings, Dreamwidth reading pages, LiveJournal friends feed, Pinboard.in bookmark lists. Comments/bugs to flamebyrd@gmail.com.


Not sure what a userscript is or how to install it in your browser? Check out the OpenUserJS Userscript Beginners How-To.

You can access a beta version of this script for Pillowfort.io here: https://random.fangirling.net/fun/ao3/pillowfort_keyboard_shortcuts.user.js


By default, the shortcuts are: j to go to the next entry, k to go to the previous entry, enter to open in a new tab. To change these, please modify the options at the start of the script. If you'd like a new site to be supported, please let me know!